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24K Gold Facial

A Luxurious 24K Gold Facial

Gold is said to whiten skin and balance impurities

After a deep steam cleanse and exfoliation you can relax with a 24K Gold Mask infused with real gold particles and collagen, while a pure 24k Gold Bar vibrates and massages in the mask for full effect of the product.

The Treatment is completed with a toner, and facial massage.

Clay Facial

A relaxing, calming facial designed to suit your personal skin type.The minerals infuse the skin and act as magnets on the toxins drawing the impurities out of the skin, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.


Dermaplaning Facial
Enjoy this lovely deep cleanse as chemicals help break down the outer layers of skin and a scalpel shaves away up to 28 old layers - revealing super soft baby smooth skin, 60 minute treatment. Helps to improve skin texture and appearance, increases the cells turnover rate helping keep a youthful appearance.
BB Glow Facial
A type of semi permanent foundation for those that want a long lasting sun kissed look. Alternatively the BB Glow treatment can be used to infuse a choice of : Stem Cells, Collagen, Peptide or Vitamins deep into the skin - applied using a dermapen for added anti aging benefits, this treatment is not painful despite its microneedling delivery.

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Our Lincoln Branch, Body TLC Offers a Wide Range of Treatments Including The Following Facials:
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Diamond Microdermabrasion
BB Glow
Laser Carbon Peel
Radio Frequency Facial Contours
Collagen Infused Clay
Genie Non Surgical Ten Minute Face Lift