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Fractional laser at Be Admired is a gentle, quick and comfortable laser procedure with little to no down time, it is used for improving the overall appearance of your skin. Fractional uses a laser beam to treat thousands of pinpoint areas of your skin, with a sensation simular to lots of tiny mildly-stingy pins and needles. That might not sound the most pleasant of experiences but rest assured it a tolerable sensation which lasts only minutes.


Here at Be Admired you can chose to either have the treatment as a stand alone treatment or opt to add it into another treatment for combined effectiveness. Fractional Lasers tend to lend themselves nicely to the combined benefits of Be Admired's DermaPen Treatment.


Fractional Laser treatments are target specific, meaning they can either be used as a full face treatment to improve the overall apearance of the skin, or they can be used to treat individual areas of concern. As such it is priced according to the patients needs but as a general guide Fractional Laser Treatment at Be Admired typically costs:

£30 for a full face treatment 

£30-£60 for vein treatment on both legs in multiple areas

£15 when included as an addition to Be Admired's DermaPen Facial or DermaPen Body Treatment.


Fractional Lasers can be used to improve a multitude of skin aliments including:


Acne Scarring

Fine Lines

Large Pores



Sun Spots

Skin Firmness

Uneven Skin Surfaces

Broken Capillaries/thread veins


Restoring a healthy glow

& Stretch Marks


At our Lincoln clinic Body TLC, we offer a more intensive Fractional Laser Treatment, ideal for those who require a greater result. 

Please follow this link to go to the information at Body TLC!anti/n7v72

At Body TLC the fractional laser is performed once a month. Be Admired uses a gentle Fractional Laser that needs more treatments but is more cost effective. 

You may not know which type of Fractional treatment would suit you best, so we recommend that you attend a free consultation.


Be Admired has looked into the study of all types of lasers rather extensively and research has shown that with frequent treatments at a less intense levels you can still achieve great results. Crucially though you save pain and discomfort, there is no downtime and you save big on the treatment cost too!


To achieve the best results it is advised to have repeat treatments ideally twice weekly until you reach your goal, and then just occasional top -ups for maintainence. It is not necessary to wait the usual 4 weeks between treatments as you would tend to expect with laser treatments, as the Fractional Laser used here at Be Admired is of a gentle less-invasive nature. No mass skin shedding, no need to take days or weeks off work. The only common side effect being temporary redness to the treated area - this typically lasts anything from a few minutes to a few hours. 


FDA cleared and perfectly safe for even trice weekly treatments should you really wish to kick start your treatment schedule.


Be Admired appreciates that this is a huge commitment for some customers, if you can not commit to weekly appointments please dont panic, adding the treatment in to Be Admired's monthly DermaPen treatments will still offer great results.

The more frequently you can come for a Fractional Laser session the better, but you will benefit from each and every session. So you literally can't lose. Come trice weekly, once a week, once a month or once a year, the only difference is how quickly you reach your desired goal! You are free to go at your own pace and budget.


Prices are as competitive as possible at Be Admired, yet we also run a customer loyalty scheme, whereby each time you come we stamp your card, on your 5th visit simply redeem your card for a sweet 50% off! T&C's apply. There is no expiry for the loyalty card but it is your responsibilty to present the card for stamping at each payment sadly the cards can not be back-stamped. After a card is redeemed simply ask for a new card on your next payment and start collecting again.



























































*more than 20% is covered at Be Admired due to the less invasive nature of our Fractional Laser.

Typically around 40% per time

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