Human Hair Extensions



If you're deciding to have hair extensions there are four main choices you need to make

1. Straight, Wavy, or Curly Hair?

2. Application Method: Fusion, Pre Bonded, Shrinkies or Micro Loop?

3. Length desired?

4. Full Head - for clients who want to add length to their current hair

    Or Half Head - for those that require thickening their hair without adding length


All our extensions are 100% Human Hair. Please be aware that hair needs to be at least 3 inches long to fit extensions but it works best if your hair is long enough to pull back into a ponytail, no matter how short or stubby.


The price depends on the options you choose, but as a guide 18" of Straight, pre bonded hair extensions (full head) is £209 including fitting. Be Admired always orders 300 bonds for a full head, most other salons only order 200 and either fit as it, resulting in a thin appearance, or charge you extra for the extra hair, we dont believe that is fair, so order the extra as standard. If your hair is extremely thick or extremely short you may need up to 400 bonds if you do we will let you know and inform you of the cost at your free initial consultation and colour match.


Interested? Here is what to do:

Book in for a free consultation and colour match using the book now button below

At the consultation you will be asked for a deposit if you decide to go ahead

The minium deposit is £50 but you can leave more if convenient for you

Your hair colour will be matched and your extensions will be ordered, usually arriving within three working days

You can either pre book your fitting date now (using the button below) or book it at your consultation. If booking now remember to give at LEAST three woring days between your consultation and fitting appointment.

Fitting can take up to 3 hours, so please feel free to bring along your favourite DVD to enjoy whilst being lovingly transformed



Straight, Wavy or Curly... If you have straight hair naturally then straight is recommended, although if your hair is very short then you can chose to have wavy fitted and it will still look natural. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy but you prefer straight hair and you often straight your own then its advised you still chose straight. There are a wider range of colours available in straight than wavy or curly.

Micro Rings... Small metal rings coated in silicon to closely match to the hair colour, the extension hair and the client's hair is clamped together in this ring, no glue. Micro rings ( also known as micro loops) can be re-used and re-fitted near the scalp as the hair grows, but they do tend to slip when heavily brushed and are not as durable as other methods. The more they are re-fitted to the scalp the more the silicon cover on the metal ring will fall away, so over time the metal rings themselves become visible. I am not a fan of this method for this reason.

Fusion... glue, at the fitting appointment the extension hair is dipped in the special glue, made from keratin (a natural component of the hair) and it is bonded to the clients hair. Not reusable, and tends to shed, it is the cheapest of the methods available but I wouldn't recommend this as the maintenance aspect would be high.

Pre Bonded... like fusion but much better, extensions are factory sealed in keratin glue and heated on the clients hair at the fitting, resultiing in very strong bonds, very durable, they do not shed, or slip. I would recommend this method and it requires little to no maintenance.

Shrinkies... tiny silicon tubes shrink wrap and hold in place the extension to the clients hair, as this is a fiddly method it is the most expensive, although not as durable as Pre bonded the shrinkies can be useful if you are a sauna dweller, or constantly in extremely hot environments.  


Removal: Be Admired can remove hair extensions fitted either here or elsewhere and in any method, removal is £25 per hour, or £12.50 per hour if booking in again for your next set with Be Admired