Laser Freckle, Mole or Sun Spot Removal


Be Admired Is proud to be able to offer removal of sun spots, freckles and moles by laser.

Be Admired now boasts two methods of removal:


Option one:

Using a similar technique to laser tattoo removal, a Q Switch laser is used to destroy the pigment within the freckle, mole or birthmark.

It is an uncomfortable process but it achieves quick results, usually within one to three sessions.

The Laser breaks down the melanin in the freckle, mole or birthmark and the lymphatic system removes the broken down particles.


There may be some localised swelling, reddening, scabbing or even blistering after each session but once healed there is usually no scaring or long term noticable reaction. The area simply fades away. Repeat sessions may be necessary to fully remove the freckle, mole or birthmark and occasionally complete removal may not be possible and you may be left with a faded freckle, mole or birthmark.



Option two:

Gentle Fractional Laser treatment, this is far more comfortable and gentle than the Q-Switch option above, yet usually requires more sessions. Treatment feels like mildly stingy pins and needles but lasts only seconds depending on the treatment area. Depending on severity you may be advised to return anywhere from trice weekly to once a month. You will have a few weeks rest to allow your body to show its process after a few weeks of treatment-if coming trice weekly. Don't panic if you feel you can't commit to such frequent visits, you will benefit from each and every visit, but the more frequent you can visit the quicker you'll get the results your aiming for.    

Fractional lasers help rejuvenate the area as well as removing the unwanted pigment. To see what other aliments Fractional treatment can help with please click HERE



Both options:

Laser freckle, mole or birthmark removal will remove the colour within, so is ideal for flat laying areas, if the area is raised or lumped however you may want to try other options which will remove the raised area too, such as surgical removal (enquire with your GP) Any suspcious moles should be first checked with your GP before any attempt to remove them begins.




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