Laser Tattoo Removal


Did you know you have a choice of location for this treatment? we now have a clinic in Lincoln, on the High Street and corner of Pennel Street. If this is more convenient for you please follow this link to go to Body TLC's  # at Body TLC we also boast the new Picosure laser for faster tattoo removal



Now you can say a long goodbye to any unwanted tattoos thanks to our advanced laser tattoo removal technology.

The process is quite simple: the laser energy breaks up the ink into tiny particles. These particles are taken up by the scavenger cells in the skin, and are carried away from the tattoo, resulting in a gradual disappearance.

The treatment is safe and effective and can be used on tattoos of all shapes and sizes, allowing them to simply just fade away over time leaving you to reveal your skin with confidence.


Is it Painful? In short, yes, but pain can be minimised with technique and the use of cold compress or numbing cream, the procedure is done with a Q switch laser which is very precise. At worst the sensation can feel similar to getting a tattoo, but with a red hot tattoo gun... some describe it as a hot stinging. The pain is brief  although the area is likely to scab and occasionally even blister in the healing process, and may be a little tender to the touch.


How Many Treatments Will I Need? After each session your body naturally absorbs the broken down ink over a 4-8 week period. You can return for a second treatment every 4-8 weeks, as long as your skin is completely healed , it is not uncommon for some clients with newer tattoos to need 2-3 sessions before noticing any major improvement, although you will see the effect of the laser from the very first session. Older tattoos fade quicker than new ones. Some brighter colours don't absorb the energy as well and may take a little longer to break down, but in the majority of cases there is no trace of a tattoo after 5-15 sessions.

After a course of treatments your tattoo should be barely visible or completely invisible


Why Do Some Tattoo's Take Longer To Remove? Your immune system plays a huge role in breaking down the pigments and absorbing the inks of the tattoo, so a strong immune system should help you get through it quickly. Skin tone is also important. Darker skin tone has less contrast against the ink than lighter skin tone and so can take longer to get satisfactory results. The colours of inks used on your tattoo can also speed or slow the process.Richer colours such as black, red, purple or dark orange absorb the energy well and quickly fade, while bright whites, greens and light blues require breaking down more slowly.Finally the quality of tattoo; amateur or home made tattoos tend to use weak inks and sit close under the top layer of skin, so are very easy to treat. Professional tattoos use very permanent inks and tend to be deep in the skin, so more work is needed.


What happens after laser tattoo removal? Redness, or erythema in the area is completely normal and subsides within a short time. It is very important to keep your skin away from the sun by using a physical sun block of at least SPF30 to protect it from damage while it is sensitive. Immediately during/after treatment the ink will seem to disappear or whiten as it absorbs the laser energy. The tattoo will begin to appear again within 5-15 minutes. A scab will likely appear in the next 48 hours as some of the ink may be immediately expelled from your skin. It is important to not pick this scab and to let it heal naturally. Natural healling is crucial to maintaining healthy scar free skin...


Prices for tattoo removal vary for each individual dependent on the size of the tattoo.

Prices start from £20 for a very small tattoo.