Non-Surgical Face Lift



Please be aware your options for skin tightening, face lifting and rejuvenation are getting wider all the time with the development of new treatments. Be Admired prides itself on keeping up with the newest technologies and thoroughly trialling all treatments ourself before offering it to you, our respected customers. We would never offer you something that we don't truly believe achieves amazing results. 

If you are thinking of an alternative to a traditional Face Lift please also see the following from the drop down treatment menu above:

Ulthera: Skin Tightening, Jowl Removing, Double Chin Fixing Ultrasound treatment that can hugely increase collagen and elastin - tighting up slack skin. The most powerful effect will be found with this treatment.

Microcurrent: Incorportated as part of the Non Surgical Face Lift but also available as a stand alone treatment helping you tone facial muscles.

DermaPen: A treatment with quick results available as part of the Non Surgical Face Lift but also as a treatment helping you increase collagen and get a lovely healthy glow.

The Non Surgical Face Lift: described below: A clever collection of treatments joined together to achieve great results. Available with Laser or Derma Pen stages.




Non-Surgical Face Lift & Skin Rejuvenation traditionally uses Safe Light Technology (IPL) laser treatment to enhance as part of the Face Lift package, as treatments advance reassessments are constantly made. Now at Be Admired The Ultimate Face Lift can be performed using either IPL or DermaPen for that finishing stage of the lift. All other stages remain the same...see below


Our Laser Non-Surgical Face Lift treatment rejuvenates the skin using industry renowned light based technology, without the need for injections used in similar procedures. The DermaPen Non Surgical Face Lift finishes with a DermaPen treatment to start collagen and elastin production, in a very simular way to the laser but with less pain and usually quicker results.




The Non-Surgical Face Lift will leave you looking younger and fresher with the skin feeling smoother by removing age spots, sun damage and diffused redness. Uneven pigmentation is also reduced, wrinkles are reduced, skin is tightened and left looking and feeling healthier and more youthful! This procedure can be used on age spots, dark eyes, freckles, slacking skin, crows feet, frown lines, the possibilities are endless.  A hugely popular alternative to the expensive and painful surgical facelift procedure, this leaves no scars, has no down time and is more affordable, not to mention relaxing, therapeutic and versatile.This unique technology when teamed with the laser carefully filters the light to ensure that only clinically relevant wavelengths reach the skin, meaning optimum safety in the procedure.


Non Surgical Face Lifts are based on light absorption in melanin and haemoglobin (unless opting for the DermaPen version), therefore treatments are more effective on light skin that is not sun tanned at the time of treatment. However, Our machine has variable settings for each treatment so all skin tones can ensure they will receive the correct energy output for their complexion. Age spots contain a substance called melanin, and diffuse redness contains a substance called haemoglobin. When cells containing lots of these substances are targetted with the IPL light, they disappear over time.


A full-face treatment takes around 90 minutes and 3 - 6 treatments are recommended for best results, depending on the degree of effect required. Many clients choose to continue with treatments periodically after completing their course to maintain a youthful appearance.

You do not have to commmit to a course, you are more than welcome to have one off treatments as and when you please.


Post Treatment Care; There is no post-treatment care required other than a sunscreen (minimum SPF30) for a month following treatment. The results from the treatment are permanent but as we all age our skin slackens and new wrinkles etc may form or the ones you have previously treated may deepen, this is natural and happens with age to us all regardless of any treatment we have had in the past, it is not a sign of the treatment failing, but the beauty of this treatment is you can have it done as many times as you like without harming your skin.


What to expect during the ULTIMATE FACELIFT Be Admired's unqiue combination of specialised techniques to achieve the best facelift without surgery...After filling in a medical questionnaire and having the procedure fully explained to you, you will then be asked to relax on the beauty couch while OZONE OXYGENATED STEAM THERAPY is applied to the face. This helps open the pores and clear out cosmetic debris and infuse essential vitamins and oxygen deep into the dermis, rehydrating cells. Following this relaxing procedure the therapist will use an ULTRASONIC EXFOLIATOR to remove the layers of dead skin cells that build up, allowing the following stages to penetrate to a much deeper layer, ultimately gaining better results. An exfoliating wash and cleansing milk are then applied followed by a further short treatment of OZONE OXYGENATED STEAM THERAPY and facial toner. The therapist will then administer MICRO CURRENT TECHNOLOGY to the face and or neck area tightening and toning loose skin and strengthening muscles. Next you will be asked to relax under a LED LIGHT THERAPY PHOTOREJUVENATION LAMP this relaxing light can reverse and control the visible signs of aging dramatically tightening skin, smoothing wrinkles and rough spots, disappearing blemishes, softening redness, and shrinking pore size. As you relax all your fine line and wrinkles will be worked on individually. Next the SKIN REJUVENATION LASER TREATMENT or DERMAPEN TREATMENT commences. The laser wavelength or the Dermapen needles tricks the skin into thinking there is damage and the body naturally acts to repair this damage, in the absence of damaged cells the body rejuvenates and the collagen production is used to tighten the skin and iron out wrinkles. As this relies on the body repairing itself the final result from each session is not fully noticeable until four weeks after each treatment. Finally a special blend of moisturizers and vitamin E serums are massaged into the skin


As a special bonus Be Admired is giving away a FREE Derma Roller for every customer purchasing the Non Surgical Face Lift for the first time. These special rollers retail at £20 each and are to be used once a week between treatment sessions to help boost the overall result. For more information on each of the special treatments within the Ultimate Facelift as for the printed information available in salon.