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Best Quick Fix - LipoFirm Wrap* 

Best for Cellulite - Vela* or Lipofirm Wrap* + Vela*

Best for Permanent Fat Loss - Cryosculpture or Aqualyx Injections

Best Budget Circumferential Difference - RF Liposculpture*

Best for General Toning - Vela* or Genie Toning*

Best Budget for Those That Like to Exercise - Laser Lipolysis*

Note treatments with an astricks* are available at Body TLC only and not available at Be Admired


LipoFirm Fat Reducing Body Wrap  


LipoFirm Wrap has been recently added to the treatment list here at Be Admired, it can be used as a standalone treatment as well as during and after cavitation and radio frequency. You can also include the Vela lll Endermologie alongside the Wrap for even greater effects.

LipoFirm's development has been based on years of clinical studies relating to cell fat reduction and it's long term effects. It can add around 30% extra to the results of treatments (RF or Vela Alone). LipoFirm is a unique product, developed to be bio active in the presence of existing body contouring technologies. This is more than a body wrap as we know it; this is fat cell destruction!


This has been introduced to replace the Universal Contour Wrap - which had great effects on water retention, if you were a fan of the Contour wrap - you will LOVE this FAT reducing wrap!


Developed by industry leaders in the aesthetic field

Developed by industry leaders in the aesthetic field, alongside specialist UK chemists.   LipoFirm's unique action is based on it's active ingredient, belonging to the phospholipids family. This ingredient is then hydrolysed and the bio-active molecules retrieved to produce the highest strength in it's purest form. This creates a quicker and more intense cross-link with the targeted adipose fat cell.



The Transdermal Delivery System

Lipofirm is applied topically, and it's key ingredients provide a transdermal delivery system for the bio-active phospholipids. Being bio-active, Lipofirm is more efficient when environmental and mechanical energies are applied: for example heat, ultrasound cavitation, light & pressure are all trigger factors to deepen and destruct the bio-synthesis of the phospholipids. When applied to the skin's surface, the transdermal delivery system transports the bio-active phospholipids into the sub-cutaneous fat layer in seconds, allowing the hydrolysed phospholipids to remain at their optimal effectiveness.  When the bio-active ingredients reach the fat cell, an intra-cellular reaction occurs as the phospholipids come into contact with the cell wall membrane. This causes breakdown in lipid structure through dispersion of the phosphate heads, allowing the tail end of the phosphate to release into the aqueous environment of the semi-inclusion liquid held in the cytosol of the cell allowing free movement of tryglicerides.


Key Features


  • Results are immediate and will increase over 72 hours

  • Aids in removal of fat cells

  • Treatments can be performed every 7 - 10 days

  • Non-Invasive

  • Pain-Free

  • No raised blood sugar

  • Extremely low risk of allergic reactions


Non-Invasive Pain-Free Treatment

All research and development into the creation of LipoFirm wrap has been based on long term clinical study data. Lipofirm can be used with ultrasound, radio frequency, laser lipolysis or LED, adding no extra treatment time or alternatively, product can be applied followed by the cellulose membrane and the client would be required to relax within a heated blanket or under infra red for a period of one hour.

The Science Behind Lipolift Pro™


LipoFirm Wrap™ is a highly effective fat cell reduction treatment. It works by breaking down the fat cells and aiding the body in transporting released Triglycerides through the body's natural selective waste processes, allowing the contents of the fat cell to be naturally eliminated from the body. Being bio active, LipoFirm Wrap™ is highly effective when used with heat or technologies such as ultrasound cavitation, laser lipolysis, radio frequency or LED. Once applied LipoFirm Wrap™ will continue to work for 72 hours further increasing results to aid in fat cell disposal from the body.



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Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Liposculpture

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An exciting, new non-surgical treatment that uses sophisticated radio frequency technology to tighten, tone and sculpt the body while eliminating unwanted fat. Unlike liposuction, RF Ultrasonic Liposuction also treats deep layers of unhealthy visceral fat that surrounds the internal organs, fat that has been linked to a myriad of health problems, including heart disease, stroke and Type II diabetes. With RF Ultrasonic Liposulpture, you'll achieve outstanding results with no surgery, no side effects, no injections, no dieting, no strenuous exercise, and no downtime. RF Lipo delivers strong ultrasonic waves to break down and crack the outside surface of the fat cells, then it uses advanced radio frequency energy to provide deep, controlled heating, which causes fat cells to disrupt and melt without damaging surrounding tissue. Unlike other liposuction techniques, non-surgical RF Lipo safely and effectively reduces both subcutaneous fat, as well as visceral fat deep within the body. Once the fat is dissolved, there's no need to suction it from the body. The fat will be absorbed by the lymphatic system and then naturally eliminated through the body's own biological process. To aid in this natural elimination, Laser and lymphatic stimulation pads are placed over the treated area. Patients should participate in mild exercise and stay well hydrated to help flush the fat from the body. There are no side effects from the procedure, and absolutely no downtime!  On average, most patients can lose up to 10 inches and 14 pounds in just eight sessions. Clinical studies show that the total amount of fat removed per eight treatments is approximately 2,000 CC or 10 lbs. Each treatment lasts about 45 minutes, and you'll need a minimum of 72 hours between treatments although two weeks is recommended.

Treatment areas include: chin, arms, chest, back, abdomen, legs, ankles, knees, cheeks...almost everywhere!

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Fat Freezing Cryosculpture

How it works: Cryosculpting is not liposuction, it is a much friendlier treatment for both men and women to enjoy delivering fast results. Cryosculpting gently warms up the treatment area which encourages blood and fat to separate. Then by using Cryotherapy, it carefully freezes away fat cells- without the need for invasive high risk surgery!


Cryosculpture can destroy up to 40% of fat in only one treatment!


The system uses a powerful non-invasive vacuum suction to treat the target areas. After 5 minutes the temperature begins to drop to -10  fat cells crystallise, break down and over a course of a couple of months the physical results are visible.


More advanced then Liposuction Better results than Radio Frequency, Ultrasonic Cavitation and Laser Liposculpture! 





Cryoscuplture is a non-invasive procedure. It uses cooling technology that results in localised fat reduction. Fat cells are more responsive to the effects of cold. Fat cells crystallise at different temperatures than other cells. It is specific in breaking down the fat cells whilst not targeting all the other tissue like the skin, muscle mass, and nerve fibers.


YES - There are clinical trials, celebrity reviews, and before & after photos which support the effectiveness of fat freezing.


Each session is up to 55 minutes per area, depending on the thickness of the area, and how quickly you respond to the cooling technology. Your treatment is taylor made for your individual requirements which are discussed in your pre-treatment consultation.


A anti-freeze membrane protects the skin then a vacuum suction cup is positioned on the selected body area. The area is chilled - fat cells are especially sensitive to cold exposure. When cooled fat cells crystallise, as a result they no longer function in their usual  way, and breakdown (Apoptosis). The surrounding blood vessels and nerves, are less sensitive to cool exposure and remain unaffected. This results in the elimination of the fat cells without damage to the surrounding tissues.


Fat cells perish and are dissolved into the body then via the lymph nodes into lymphatic & immune system. They flush the effected fat cells from the system using the bodies natural processes. The area that is treated becomes smaller in size over the following weeks as this process is still working naturally


One session is sufficient for most areas, It does not require a course of treatment. Depending on the thickness of the fat and your personal goals, Fat freezing may be repeated in the same area a second time, but is not a necessity. If you choose to have further reduction in the same area, you must wait 8-12 weeks between sessions. This is to give enough time to measure the effectiveness of the initial treatment.


Clinical studies on fat freezing have shown a reduction of fat between 20% to 40%. Results will vary on the individual, the thickness of the fat deposits in each area, and the lifestyle maintained after treatment.


Depends on the individual, fat thickness, and area treated. Changes happen over a number of weeks, 12 weeks being the estimated time for maximum result, although some begin to see changes at around 2 weeks. In clinical trials 12 weeks were used as post treatment assesment.


You will feel a "pulling sensation" close to the treated area due to the vacuum effect holding the area in place and an intense cold feeling at the beginning of the procedure at the vacuum site. A "different sensation" as its an unusual feeling, but not painful. There is no anaesthetic or numbing agent required during the treatment. After 10-15 minutes you will be numb in the treatment area.


There are generally few side effects. There is no recovery period, or downtime. Some short term redness and numbness on the treated area after the session. 

Exceptionally: slight haematoma, (redness) due to the vacuum (similar to a love bite) that will subside within a few days. Some swelling, superficial bruising, extended redness. 

Extreemly rare: slight frost nip, although this is greatly avoidable if advise is followed during treatment-such as not attempoting to self-adjust the handpiece during operation.

You can resume normal daily activities without discomfort immediately , or go back to work if your being treated in your lunch break.


YES - It is permanent. Fat cells that have been crystalized through the Cryoscukpture procedure are absorbed by the bodies natural processes. Once destroyed the same fat cells cannot grow back.


Cryo-sculpture is especially indicated for local fat reduction: The ideal candidates are wanting to get rid of localised fat deposits, the abdomen, flanks, lower back, hips, thighs, upper arms etc. These tend to be the most popular areas particularly stubborn you cannot get rid of through diet and exercise. Although most people are treatable, it is not an overall weight loss solution. We suggest that the ideal client is within or near their ideal body weight, it is for spot reduction for stubborn areas, people in this group will see the best results. It can also be an excellent additional motivation.


You do not need to have supplements or diet plans and you do not have to change your exercise habits for the treatment to work. However, is not a substitute for taking care of your body.

You may feel more motivated to take care of yourself after the treatment, after all it is an investment in your Body. This is your body and you should look after it. Combining cryo-sculpture with a healthy diet and exercise will only further maximise your result.


The treatment results in a notable reduction of fat tissue naturally. You can now avoid the traumatic experience of invasive methods (liposuction), the risk of damage to surrounding tissue. No course of treatment is required . No exercise is required for the treatment to get results and the results are permanent. Fat Freezing is an effective alternative for those wanting to avoid the higher cost for surgery or laser, avoiding the pain, the risk, and recovery time associated with surgery.


Once the fat cells in the area treated are destroyed, those cells are eliminated. Fat cannot grow again in the same area There is no risk of fat from other areas moving over to the treated area to compensate.


The handpiece is one size it successfully treats large areas like the upper, lower abdomen, thighs and flanks as well as smaller areas such as the upper arms, back fat and inner thighs. The area covered is around 15cm2


If we treat one area on each thigh, that would count as two treatment areas. Lower abdomen = 1 area. Both Hips = 2 areas. Both love handles & lower abdomen = 3 areas.


Upper and lower abdomen, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, love handles, flanks, (underneath buttocks), hips, male torso/man boobs. The applicator cannot be used for the chin, ankles or wrists as usually these areas are too small to treat.



Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat burning Injections are a safe, effective treatment that reduces fat cells in the treated area. It produces long lasting results, which means you can banish those annoyingly wobbly bits.

These injections can be used to treat small, exercise resistant, pockets of fat around the chin, chest, abdomen, thighs, knees and ankles. It is very effective for body contouring, but is not a treatment for weight loss.

Made up from a number of different plant based compounds that have been refined in a lab environment. Aqualyx dissolves the membranes of fat cells in the treated area. The fat cells become unstable and break open. The fatty acids contained within the cell are then eliminated by macrophages (part of the body’s immune system) and the liver.

Are Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections suitable for me?​

If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and are close to your ideal body weight, but have isolated stubborn areas of fat then Aqualyx might be suitable.


Popular areas that we treat are double chins, moobs, saddle bags, inner thighs, cankles and abdomen - including defining a six pack.


If you have significant weight then Aqualyx is not suitable for you, but other body contouring treatments we offer maybe. If you have recently lost significant weight then the area concerning you may be loose skin which we can improve with skin tightening treatments.

A consultation with our highly trained therapist will determine the correct treatment plan for you.


Fat dissolving is not suitable if you:

  • Have diabetes.

  • Have liver or kidney disease.

  • Have active skin problem in the area to be treated.

  • Are taking blood thinning medicine e.g warfarin.

We have listed below some popular Q&A's

Please be aware that all our injectables require a mandatory free consultation, separate and prior to the treatment appointment

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Q. How long does it take for fat dissolving injections to work?

A. The swelling will usually go down within 48 hours but can take up to a week. For best results, two to three treatments one month apart are recommended. Dr Hunt explains that as with many other cosmetic treatments, “it takes up to six weeks for you to notice the effects.”

Q. Do fat dissolving injections really work?

A. Fat dissolving injections can help you to achieve a slimmer, more contoured body shape, with long-lasting results of between two and four years. The results are even longer if you maintain a healthy diet and regularly exercise!

Q. How often can you have the treatment?

A. Fat dissolving typically requires a course of two to four treatments with four to six-week intervals between each session. Although the procedure doesn't hurt, you should expect some swelling which can take up to three weeks to subside.

Q. How do fat melting injections work?

A. The injections contain a specially designed chemical to dissolve the fat by separating the molecules down into tiny particles,” explains Dr Perry. This means the dissolved fat molecules can then be absorbed in the body's natural drainage

Q. What do the injections consist of?

A. These injectables consist of various vitamins, nutrients, and other ingredients purportedly used to aid in weight loss. Some of the most common ingredients in these shots include:

The shots may be administered in the arm or other areas containing more subcutaneous fatty tissues, such as the thigh, abdomen, or buttocks.

Q, What side effects should I expect?

A. Side effects of fat dissolving injections are rare. You may experience swelling, bruising, itching, pain, sensitivity to pressure and excessive warmth at the injection site however, this is usually resolved within three to five days















Vela lll Endermologie

The Optimal Body Contouring Device

Vela III is the perfect, non-surgical answer for treating those ‘problem areas’ that cause women to feel so displeased about their body image.

Vela III is a unique, easy to use, no downtime, comfortable, deep therapeutic body contouring treatment that delivers enhanced clinical protocols with consistent results that can be reproduced time after time.


Powered by elōs technology, Vela III combines IR (infrared), bi-polar RF (radiofrequency) and vacuum to precisely heat the tissue up to 3mm and 15mm depth respectively.
The combination of IR and vacuum coupled RF technologies causes deep heating of the fat cells (adipocytes), their surrounding connective fibrous septae and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. Efficient heating of the adipocytes is achieved by higher output of the RF. The optimal design of the electrodes and the concurrent application of vacuum allows for deeper and faster heat penetration. In turn, this promotes an increase in circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism and collagen depositing. Furthermore, it stimulates fibroblast activity and remodels the extracellular matrix.
RESULT: A localized reduction in skin laxity, volume and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture.


Vela lll enables you to safely achieve a toned, contoured and well shaped body in as few as 4 treatment sessions; making you look and feel more youthful. 

You can be treated on thighs, buttocks, love handles, upper arms and abdomen. Most patients see gradual and cumulative results throughout the treatment regime. The results are:
 • Gradual smoothening of skin's surface with a noticeable reduction in cellulite
 • Circumferential reduction, with noticeable reshaping of the treated area


Increased RF Power:

  • End point temperature is achieved much faster

  • Reduction in treatment time

  • Higher energy density for improved heating in the tissue

  • Fewer treatment sessions required to achieve an optimal result


Sophisticated Feedback Mechanisms:

  • New closed loop RF mechanism and built in temperature sensor

  • Consistent RF energy delivery

  • Better monitoring for elevated temperature in the tissue

  • Enables a more precise treatment

  • Increased patient comfort and safety

  • Consistent, reproducible results










Laser Lipolysis Pads

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Laser Lipolysis is a revolutionary system that uses low level lasers for smoothing cellulite, fat reduction, and body shaping treatments.


You may of heard of it under many names such as I-lipo and strawberry lipo.


The laser lipolysis uses photobiomodulation to stimulate the body’s natural process for releasing stored content in the adipose cells.

Every day, the human body is storing excess calories from your diet in the adipose tissue.  Laser Lipolysis is used to trigger the release of the contents, without exercise, and is able to target the precise stubborn areas. i-Lipo is non-invasive with no pain, no needles, and no downtime. Patients can expect results of losing 1-2 dress sizes during their course of treatments.


A course of treatment involves typically 8 session, completed twice weekly for 4 weeks.


As this treatment is simply creating a reaction to start empting the fat cells of its contents (laser lipolysis alone doesnt activate the lymphatic system for removal) it is recommended that you team this treatment with either a session on the power plate or a 30 minutes walk or jog, to ensure the dissolved fat is removed and does not re harden. 


Treatments take just 15 minutes per area:

The cells start to break down at 4 minutes, then at 6 they begin to empty, by 10 minutes they are fully empty.

The pads are left on for 15 for best effect but there is nothing to be gained by having the pads in the same place for any longer than this.

There is an instant reduction in area size immediately after the treatment, but some form of exercise will be needed to ensure it stays that way - look at it like this - Lipolysis releases the calories in the fat cells, tyoically around 3-400 per area. So what you burn during the following exercise is taken from your problem area thats been treated and not elsewhere... if you chose not to exercise then the released calories may re deposit.

DONT panic though if your thinking "I dont like exercise" a simple 30 minute standard pace walk (3 miles per hour) or 10 minutes on the power plate will burn that... any thing extra is a bonus! 


Remember this treatment can be added on to most other treatments for that little extra boost and comes in every option of the LipoFirm Wrap








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